Post-Covid Priorities for Buyers

The pandemic has changed a lot of things. It’s changed how we work, how we socialize, and what we do with our free time. Even once the effects of COVID have ended, long lasting changes in social, professional, and familial habits will remain.

When it comes to real estate, there are key elements to a home that will be a much higher priority moving forward. This is because buyers have experienced “making a house a home” in a totally new fashion.

According to Lisa Larson from U.S. News & World Report, these eight features of a home will be the top priority for future buyers, post-pandemic:

  • Light and general open space.
  • Space for cooking.
  • Privacy.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Work out space.
  • Outdoor space.
  • Home office space.
  • Less focus on building amenities.

Natural Light is Number One.

When the stay-at-home orders were issued, suddenly the search within the home for sunlight and open spaces was on. For home owners that spent most of their days at the office, the discovery of the importance of natural light may have just occurred. Now more than ever, this is a clear front runner for post-covid priorities in the home. Light filled, airy homes will be attractive for future buyers, and if there is a view of something aesthetically pleasing, this will make the buy even more tempting.

The Kitchen is King.

What happened when restaurants and take-out favorites suddenly weren’t options? Everybody became cooks! Whether they wanted to or not… However, the kitchen is once again king. Expect buyers moving forward to be even more focused on making their kitchen the center of their home, allowing for entertaining and family time. This means open space, allowing the kitchen to open up to living areas. This all means plenty of pantry and cabinet space for large amounts of food and dishware. Additionally, reliable and easy to use appliances will be key for the future stay at home cooks.

Privacy, privacy, privacy.

We all need our space, and in the stay-at-home climate, this is essential. For families with multiple kids, sharing bedrooms may no longer be up for debate, and for partners, having space to maintain their relationship is also necessary. Future home buyers will be looking for any extra space they can get to spread out in the house, whether that’s a finished basement to let the kids play or an additional living or dining space for a little distance.

Energy Efficiency.

Families used to spending much of their time away from the home will likely be shocked by the sudden increase in energy bills. Keeping the air-conditioning running while the family works and studies from home, streaming shows in the evenings, using gas for heating and cooking nightly, and an increase in trash production will all add to the energy bills for home owners. Future buyers will likely be looking for efficient homes that have features even as simple as double-pane windows, proper sealing of the home, and great insulation.

Staying Active without the Gym Crowd.

Initially, a couple weeks without the gym was potentially a good excuse to skip that daily workout. However, as the weeks dragged on, suddenly the gym closure wasn’t strictly a vanity issue, it was a mental-health issue. Home owners have been left to make DIY workout spaces, and future buyers will be keen on finding a home that has, perhaps not a fully equipped, state of the art gym, but at least a space that can have a floor mat, weights, and an elliptical machine.

Manageable Outdoor Spaces.

When leaving the home can seem like a risk, having outdoor space at your disposal is a huge plus. Kids and pets can stretch their legs and play in the lawn, while families can get some Vitamin-C and fresh air. Outdoor space is key to family morale, and even a porch or balcony that opens up to the outdoors can provide a much-needed boost of open space and fresh air. However, be weary of extensive outdoor space that requires a crew to care for the landscape. With states differing on whether landscape and pool maintenance crews are essential, it can be difficult to take care of larger properties alone. Therefore, future buyers will be looking for manageable amounts of outdoor spaces.

Working From Home like a Pro.

If working from home was a luxury before, well now it is a must. With Covid sending much of America’s work force home, home owners will be searching for private, quiet spaces to turn into office space. Moving forward, many companies have announced that their employees will be working from home until at least next summer, and some have even said employees will have the option to work from home indefinitely. Thus, quiet, private spaces in the home to turn into working spaces will be crucial. This also includes ample outlets and high speed internet equipment.

Amenities: Which Ones are Important?

What used to be a big draw to luxury, multi-family living spaces- community pools, gyms, and banquet rooms- don’t have quite the same draw that they used to. Now, designated tenet storage space, a doorman for mail deliveries, and plenty of parking will be the key draws for future tenets. Anything that allows future renters and buyers to live as self-sustained as possible will be major pluses.

The pandemic will undoubtedly change our ways of life. This includes how we work, how we spend time with our family and friends, and what we look for in a home. These eight factors will be keys for future buyers looking to adjust their way of life and hoping to find a home that allows them to do so.